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Why I’m Pumped For Watch Dogs

Most of us don’t give a second thought to how we, and our world, are connected online everyday. At any given moment most of us have at least one smart device within reach, for many of us, it’s several devices. What would you do if you had unlimited access to not only other people’s smartphones, tablets, and computers, but streetlights, surveillance cameras, and even building infrastructure? Will you hack the school teacher’s cell phone to get her bank records or will you intercept the drug trafficker’s text to stop a deal? Watch Dogs puts that scenario in front of you, and you’ll need to decide what kind of person you choose to play as.

I recently spent a few hours at a Ubisoft press event playing Watch Dogs on the Playstation 4, both in free roam single-player and online multiplayer. I’m happy to say the wait has not been in vain. After being delayed from a Holiday 2013 release to May 27, 2014, the development team used the extra time to put finishing touches on the open-world experience. The build I played looked and felt great. In fact, it looked so great I wrongly assumed I was playing the PC version. It’s important to remember builds of a game change over the development process, so while certain scenes may not look identical to their trailer counterparts from 2012, the overall world of Chicago looks fantastic…read more here:




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