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New Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay!


Warner Bros released a new video showcasing gameplay for their upcoming project being developed by Monolith called Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The game features a protagonist named Talion, a Ranger and guardian of the Black Gates, who is out to take down Sauron and avenge his slaughtered family. The game takes place in between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and is an original storyline set in the universe of Middle-Earth. My thoughts on that aside, the gameplay looks pretty awesome.

The walkthrough in the video focuses on the Nemesis System, a gameplay mechanic where enemies remember your previous encounters with them, which is unique to each player. The orc shown in the video is called Ratbag, and is a coward that has faced Talion before, and after being defeated will come under Talion’s power.

He can control other characters like Ratbag by using the mysterious powers he gains from a Wraith. There aren’t details on who the Wraith is and how Talion receives these powers, but they look powerful. Activating the Wraith powers allows him to pursue enemies into Mordor, along with moving between the physical world and the Wraith world. Talion can also spread terror with Wraith powers, controlling characters to scout other enemies that are connected to that particular character.

Players can use information learned to make choices about how they want to carry about specific missions. You can use stealth to sneak into heavily guarded areas, you can run in sword flying, or you can use Wraith powers to take over other characters and make them your minions.

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