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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Gamer Girl


So you are lucky enough to be dating an awesome lady who likes to play video games with you? Nicely done! Now be careful of falling into the the Vday trap.

Every year in February the ads incessantly try to sell you flowers, candy, and stuffed animals. But let’s face it, the flowers wither, the candy gives you a short sugar rush and guilt about the gym, and the stuffed animals inevitably end up in a closet somewhere.

There are lots of great options that show you care and are actually something she’ll love to use! I don’t want this to be misconstrued as a “one size fits all” gift guide, because there are many types of ladies out there. That said, here are some items that I know I’d like to get this Valentine’s Day.

1. Evil Controllers – $$$ These controllers come in awesome styles and have modded features. They can be a bit pricy but they have a long life and Evil Controllers’ customer service is great with repairs. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even create your own look!


2. Gamer Tees – $ Normally I would say stay far away from trying to buy your lady clothes, but these are generally no brainers. They are cute, witty, and comfortable! There are all kinds of stores that sell these tees but here are some of my favs:

  1. Insert Coin Clothing

  2. TeeFury

  3. ThinkGeek

  4. Jinx


3. Jewelry – $-$$$ What woman doesn’t love jewelry? No seriously, does she exist?


4. Art – $-$$$ Buying art is something we rarely do for ourselves, and there are some great places to get really awesome video game art. Plus, whenever she looks at it on her wall she’ll think of you!


Pro Tip: Make sure to buy a frame to go with it so it is ready to hang! If the store you buy it from doesn’t have that option, hit up your local Michael’s or Target for affordable frame options.

5. Virtual Points – $ When in doubt or if you waited till the last minute, any girl who plays online could always use more points! Xbox Live Microsoft Points, PlayStation Network card, or even an iTunes card for iOS games. You can pick cards up at almost any grocery, drug, or electronics store these days.


Hope this helps in your quest! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but it isn’t too late to buy online! Many stores offer expedited shipping, or if you are saavy and have a Amazon Prime account, that is a great way to go as well. Happy shopping and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

*Click on any of the photos to go right to the website to purchase (except the virtual points, you can get those anywhere!)

Pricing Guide:

$ = $25.00 or less $$ = $50.00 or less $$$ = $100.00 or less

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