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E3 Wishlist and Life is Strange Thoughts

It’s our pre-Pre-E3 show! (Look for our full E3 preview next week) We chatted about the Nintendo online subscription news along with Shadow of War’s delay, the new Assassin’s Creed character leak, and Britt gives the ultimate PokemonGO confession. In Hands-On we hear about Fire Emblem Echoes, FFXV Ch. 13 V2, Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator, and Life is Strange. It is almost time for E3 so the girls are chatting their E3 wish list in the final segment, see notes below for more details 🙂

PODCAST RUNDOWN Date: June 2, 2017 0:44 Intro 3:00 Patreon shout outs and thank yous 8:15 – SEGMENT 1: NEWS Nintendo Switch online multiplayer service 16:03 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Delayed to October 18:25 – New Assassin’s Creed character leak 21:41 – Britt’s PokemonGO confession Pokemon GO might finally get multiplayer 30:30 -Life is Strange Prequel Leak? 33:05 – Xbox Game Pass Launches! Do we like it?

SEGMENT 2: Hands-ON 40:22 – Alexa: Fire Emblem Echoes 44:52 – Britt: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus and Chapter 13 Verse 2 51:53 – Steimer: Tuber simulator! Pewdiepie mobile game 56:55 – Andrea: Life is Strange

SEGMENT 3: E3 2017 Wishlist 1:18:46 – What we want to see at E3 2017! Alexa: Fire Emblem Switch, Final Fantasy XV Prompto DLC, Kingdom Hearts III HOPEFULLY AFTER YOU BROKE MY HEART SQUARE ENIX 1:30:46 – Steimer: Pipe dream: new Viva piñata. Won’t happen, but whatever. Something new from Xbox that makes me want to play it (that also won’t get cancelled later) would be nice. 1:37:14 – Andrea: Want to see Bioware Edmonton secret IP Excited to play Middle-earth: Shadow of War 1:47:56 – Britt: DARK CLOUD 3 (like always /sadface), news re: Dying Light. Something re: Dragon Age? re7

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