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#TakeThisStream Happening December 28th @ 7pm PT

The holidays can be a really amazing time of year, or for some people, can be really challenging. It is dangerous to go alone, so Take This is here to help 🙂

John Drake and I will be streaming video games along with many other video game personalities to raise money for Take This.

What is it?

Take This will be streaming for the second year this holiday season. Starting December 28th at 12PM Eastern and ending December 29th at 11:59PM Eastern anyone can join Take This’ It’s Dangerous to Stream Alone fundraiser.

What’s it for?

This year’s fundraiser will help fund a new project for Take This: The Take This Scholarship Fund, helping people who can’t afford it pay for mental health care. Take This believes that people in need of mental health care should not have to go alone. The Take This Scholarship Fund will seek to provide grants in the amount of one year of mental health treatment to qualifying applicants.

How do I donate?

Visit my Twitch profile at here!

Or click on this photo:

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